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"Othello21 brings Shakespeare to a wider audience.
Set in a contemporary world with digital production."

"Othello shows us how all may fall to their lowest self; how fear and insecurity can drive us to our darkest nature and how we can often misinterpret ‘otherness’ to mean ‘the opposite’. It reminds us that fear and hate are other sides of love inverted. It shows us the fate of love unexpressed, where suppressed emotions fester in the dark creating states of disease, leading to acts of a macabre nature.”

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This Shakespeare classic is a popular story in the repertoire of theatre and film, and remains a consistent must-see for audiences.

This is the world’s first full-length dance theatre production of Othello. Its compelling story and characters will reach its established global audience on Broadway and London’s West End.

Ben Love brings his flair for creative artistry and a talented production and design team to the project, and in his capable hands a mood rich dance theatre, full of deep and colourful characters, is set to enthral audiences.

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